Congress excursions

For all the participants of the Congress we are planning several excursions on Sunday 25 August. You can see the planned activities and sign up for them below:

Morning – 10.00 AM
Rijksmuseum van Oudheden / Museum of Antiquities: Time to explore the Egyptian collection on your own.

Afternoon – 12.30 PM
Two options:

  1. A tour on the canal with a boat viewing Leiden from the water, including lunch, followed by a typical local beer-tasting at Brouwerij Pronck, including Dutch snacks. Afterwards we will go for a city tour through Leiden on foot. Costs: €38,-
  2. An excursion to the Coptic Church in Leidschendam, where we will be welcomed by the Coptic priest who will tell us something about the history of the Coptic Church in the Netherlands and show us around. We will also have a very Egyptian lunch here, after which we will return to Leiden by bus to join in for the city tour through Leiden on foot. Costs: €30,-

    Museum of Antiquities


    * Registration for the activities is mandatory. The registration is complete after confirmation of payment.
    ** Once you register, you have an obligation to pay for the selected excursion.
    *** If due to any circumstances the activities are cancelled, money will be reimbursed.