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The next episode of our ‘Tea with’ series will feature Khaled Ismail and will take place on Monday 23rd May 2022 8pm UK time

The topic of this tea chat will be ‘Materialisation of the divine: a study catalogue from the statues found in the Royal tombs of the Valley of the Kings’


Raizza is currently studying MA in Archaeology and is exploring the religious importance of divine statues in the royal tombs of the New Kingdom, through a catalogue that includes all the statues of gods and goddesses deposited in royal tombs, an underdeveloped subject. Each deity may have played a different role within funeral assemblies. This investigation considered, among others, the dimension, the temporal factors, and the spatial limitations in the tombs, which may have played an important role in the process of choosing the divine statues that should be included in the royal mortuary assemblies. Seven royal tombs in the Valley of the Kings included fifty-seven divine statues in their funeral assemblies. Thirty-four deities constitute the main Egyptian pantheon. This catalogue can help lots of other studies about the divine statues in tombs.

Stay tuned for more information about this exciting new episode in the ‘Tea with Series’, from ASE!

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MA in Archaeology, National Museum of Brazil / UFRJ

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