About Us

Welcome to the Association for Students of Egyptology (ASE). We are a worldwide online network for students and researchers of Egyptology, providing a platform for you to meet your colleagues online.

As an Egyptology student, you will often need to co-operate with other students or scholars who are doing similar things. If you have any questions or problems, well, two heads are better than one! In the post-pandemic world, maybe you’ll need to visit somewhere to access a collection or do some research in a specific library. You can use ASE to meet fellow students, and maybe find a couch to surf on.

On this site, you can find information about Egyptology events (online and in person), as well as calls for participation in conferences and talks. We also list as many Egyptology programmes as we can find, so you know where it’s possible to study Egyptology all over the world. On top of this, we are working on a resources database, as well as a student database – please feel free to add your details to this, and you can help us to grow, and meet other students in the process!

We also organise the International Congress for Young Egyptologists every few years, with our next Congress to be held in Cairo (date TBC)! You can find the information from our last Congress, in Leiden, on our site, and hopefully, you can participate in our next Congress, as a speaker, poster presenter, or participant!