ICYE 2019 Committee

Lonneke Delpeut (l)  and Fania M. Kruijf (r)
President & secretary

Lonneke finished both her BA and MA in Egyptology at Leiden University. In 2015, she co-founded the ASE to bring together students of Egyptology from all over the world. Her interests are New Kingdom tombs, art history, museology and mummy ethics. She is specialised in two-dimensional depictions of horses in private tombs of the 18th dynasty and aspires to be the ancient Egyptian horse specialist some day.

Fania finished her BA in Egyptology at Leiden University and is currently finishing her MA at the same institution. She is specialising in tomb decoration and architecture from Saqqara in the New Kingdom, using the lost tomb of Hormin (LS 29) as a case study. The activities of archaeologists and looters during the nineteenth century in the Memphite (lost) tombs is also an important part of her research.

Louis-Philippe Bazelier

Louis-Philippe, or ‘LP’, is the overseer of the treasury; he is keeping an eye on the budget, making sure we don’t buy cookies we cannot afford. LP is a second year student of our BA Oude Nabije Oostenstudies (Ancient Near Eastern Studies) and has developed an interest in the Amarna period. Like most of us, LP has been passionate about ancient Egypt since his childhood.

Maud Slingenberg

Maud graduated in 2016 with a double Masters in Egyptology (Leiden University) and Business Administration (University of Amsterdam). Together with a team of enthousiastic egyptologists, she started the Leiden Mastaba Study Group (LMS: http://mastabase.org). In order to develop her skills within the museum world, she joined the Egyptian Art department of the Metropolitan Museum of Art as a trainee last year. This is now her main focus, hoping to finish a PhD within this field.

Omar Ghaly

Omar and LP are both responsible for the financial part of the congress. Since the ICYE has no conference fee, they are finding different ways of financing the congress, and are definitely our MVP’s in this sense! Omar is currently the president of Dispuut Pleyte, the local study association of the BA Oude Nabije Oostenstudies and the MA Classics & Ancient civilisations: https://www.facebook.com/dispuutpleyte/.

Emma de Looij

Emma is our ‘overseer of volunteers’ this year, she is responsible for gathering the group of people who make the ICYE possible during the conference. She finished her BA in Egyptology in 2016, after which she continued with her ResMA. Emma has also been president of Dispuut Pleyte and currently works for the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden while she is finishing her ResMA, writing her thesis about ancient Egyptian religious experience and their attitude towards drunkenness.