Proceedings ICYE 2019

Update for our contributors: Most authors have received an e-mail about their contribution. If not, you will shortly.

Dear contributors to the ICYE 2019, 

We are delighted to inform you that we have found a publisher for the proceedings of the ICYE 2019. We have chosen Archaeopress, mainly because they offer open access, which is in line with what we aimed to achieve this past congress. Everyone who contributed a paper or poster presentation is invited to contribute to these proceedings. the article should be submitted to 

You will be able to find the guidelines of the articles here:

Articles should be limited to 5000 words (7000 including footnotes & bibliography) and be related to your given presentation at the ICYE. When submitting your paper, make sure it includes: 

  • An updated abstract; 
  • 5-10 key words; 
  • A bibliography list;
  • Footnotes, no endnotes; 
  • Your article without images in .word or .pages;
  • Your article including images in PDF;
  • Your images separately (via WeTransfer or Dropbox); the file name should contain the number of the corresponding figure in your text.
  • A list in .word or .pages containing the images’ descriptions and copyright. 


  • Article submission: April 1st 2020
  • (Aimed) peer review response: July 15th 2020
  • Revised article submission: October 1st 2020
  • Publication proceedings: ICYE 2021

Please submit your paper to

We chose a specific type of publication that is primarily made to be used digitally. This means that there are no restrictions in terms of coloured plates or the number of articles. We therefore aim to include as many articles as possible to offer everyone a chance to publish their research. We also aim to include an abstract in Arabic for every article. 

NB: All contributors will also receive an e-mail with this information.

Review process

Your article will be submitted to a double blind peer review process. The peer reviewers will be invited to use the peer review evaluation form below, designed by the ASE editing committee, to make the review process as fruitful as possible for both the reviewer and the author.

NB: if you’d like a copy of this form to use for other purposes, please let us know at so we can send you an editable copy.