Programme ICYE 2019

The preliminary programme of the ICYE 2019 is now online! It can be downloaded in PDF here:

NB: The online version of the programme will be updated regularly and is therefore the most updated version.

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Preliminary programme ICYE 2019, Leiden University

Wednesday 21 August

15.00-17.00 Registration @ Rijksmuseum van Oudheden

17.15-18.00 Word of welcome from the organising committee and Prof. dr. Olaf Kaper

Opening lecture: dr. Ramadan Hussein: Death Care Industry in Saqqara: The Discovery of a Saite-Persian Mummification Complex
(The Saqqara Saite Tombs Project)

18.00-19.00 Opening drinks (RMO)

Thursday 22 August

Start programme @ Lipsius building

09.00-11.00 Morning session I

09.00-10.00 Keynote lecture: dr. Willemijn Waal: Eternal peace and brotherhood on a silver tablet. Reconstructing the original treaty document of Ramses II and Hattusili III.

10.00-11.00 Plenary presentations (3 x)

Silvia Callagher: The Meroitic palace of Natakamani at Napata: A paradigm of syncretism

Mariam Mohamed: Treasures of underwater archaeology – case study Alexandria – Egypt

Adel Kelany: Transportation methods in the ancient granite quarries at Aswan, Upper Egypt

11.00-11.20 Coffee break

11.20-13.00 Morning session II

11.20-13.00 Plenary presentations (5 x)

Elena Hertel: Reading the unreadable – digital tools to help with epigraphic challenges

Toon Sykora: Documenting Djehutihotep’s tomb in Deyr al-Barsha: Digital epigraphy and 3D recording

Hylke Hettema: Straight Egyptian Arabians: Finding the Pharaoh’s horse

Lawrence Webb: Have the British Museums successfully addressed early 20th century conceptions of prehistoric and ancient Sudan?

Jakob Schneider: Archaism in ancient Egypt – or what’s left of it

13.00-14.20 Lunch

14.20-16.00 Afternoon session I

14.20-16.00 Workshops & panel discussions

Panel discussion: Post-colonial Egypt


Abnormal Hieratic: dr. Koen Donker van Heel

Epigraphy: Prof. dr. Olaf Kaper

Digital Egyptology: Photogrammetry: Nicky van de Beek (MA)

Financing your research

How to write a proper CV: Linda Goltsche (MA)

How to write a proper cover letter: Linda Goltsche (MA)

16.00-16.40 Coffee break

Poster session:

Judith Jurjens: Being and becoming a scribe: The teaching of Khety and its use as an educational tool in ancient Egypt

Antonio Muñoz Herrera: New considerations on the dating and role of TT320 in the light of new discoveries of the C2 project

Ali Hassan: The geographical identity of power in the Thirteenth dynasty

Elissa Day: Where do the duties of the vizier fit within the realm of ancient Egyptian texts?

Tokihisa Higo: Dualism applied to the concept of Maat

Hugh Cullimore: The hieroglyphics of Horapollo and its influence on high renaissance iconography

Multi-disciplinary session

16.40-18.00 Afternoon session II

16.40-17.40 Plenary presentations (3 x)

Divina Centore: Materiality and regionalisation of Egypt through the reassemblage of archaeological contexts of the end of the Middle Kingdom and the Second Intermediate Period

Arianna Sacco: It’s a small world after all: Networks in ancient Egypt during the Second Intermediate Period

Kylie Cortebeeck: What’s in a type? Towards a regional characterisation of First Intermediate Period and early Middle Kingdom ceramics

17.40: Closing session

19.00 Conference dinner @ Oranjerie Hortus Botanicus

Friday 23 August

Programme @ Lipsius building

09.00-11.00 Morning session I

09.00-10.00 Keynote lecture: dr. Daniel Soliman

10.00-11.20 Plenary presentations (4 x)

Sofie Schiødt: Explaining illness in pharaonic Egypt

Gabriele Mario Conte: The disease-demon nsy: a case study of ancient Egyptian demonology

Mélie Louys & Martin Friess: Comparative study of two series of skulls from the XIth and XVIIIth dynasty

Asmaa Elsayegh: Recent discoveries: The sanitation system in Deir Anba Hadra

11.00-11.20 Coffee break

11.20-13.00 Morning session II

11.20-13.00 Plenary presentations (4 x)

Ivan Rodríguez Lopez: Experiences and challenges in deciphering the Book of the Dead papyrus Havana

Raizza Texeira dos Santos: Burying gods and goddesses: The role of divine statues in royal tombs of the New Kingdom

Valeria Tappetti: The solar hymns between text transmission and religious discourse: The New Kingdom and 25th-26th dynasties Theban productions

Guilherme Borges Pires: An organ, a word, a plan, a craft – cosmogonical processes and mechanisms in Egyptian New Kingdom Religious hymns

13.00-14.20 Lunch

14.20-15.40 Afternoon session I

14.20-16.00 Workshops & panel discussions (2 x 40 min)

Panel discussion: Ethics in Egyptology


Presentation skills

Ostraca & pottery

Using the database at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo: Marwa Bdr El Din (MA)

Using your skills on the job market: Linda Goltsche (MA)

15.40-16.00 Coffee break

16.00-17.00 Afternoon session II

16.00-18.00 Plenary presentations (6 x)

Halely Harel: ‘…and they all made a BRT’: Semitic loanwords in New Kingdom texts as cultural goods

Lucia Langerak: Gardiner F27 and animal categories in Ramesside Egypt

Juan José Archidona Ramírez: The systematic use of dots in abnormal hieratic administrative texts

Ida Christensen: Papyrus Carlsberg 101: An astrological manual from the Tebtunis temple library

Patricia Zulli: Disruptive elements in Ancient Egyptian literature: A structural analysis

Jorke Grotenhuis: Regional variation in coffin texts

19.00 Movie night (Lipsius): Al Mummia

Saturday 24 August

Programme @ Lipsius building

09.00-11.00 Morning session I

09.00-10.00 Keynote lecture: dr. Sarah Schrader: Osteoarchaeology in the Nile Valley: What bones can tell us about ancient life

10.00-10.40 Workshops:

Practical aspects and challenges of doing research in Egypt: dr. Carina van den Hoven

Photography as a tool for seeing: Nicola Dell’Aquila (MA)

Art history: dr. des. Frederik Rogner

How to write a PhD-proposal

10.40-11.00 Coffee break

11.00-13.00 Morning session II

11.00-13.00 Plenary presentations (6 x)

Megan Clark: The iconography and identity of paddle dolls: Gaudy or godly?

Anneke Stracke: A large statue of Taweret: Examining a large statue of Taweret and its find location, in relation to other large statues of the goddess, in order to determine its original context

Seria Yamazaki: Adorning the deceased: Middle Kingdom jewellery in object friezes and in reality

Marina Sartori: Perspectives on agency in New Kingdom Theban tombs

Héloise Smets: About ‘’archaism’’ of slaughter scenes in Late Period tombs in the Theban region

Meg Lisle: ‘One who answers’: Female mourners in New Kingdom funerary ritual

13.00-14.00 Lunch provided by the ICYE 2019 committee: Koshari!

14.00-16.00 Afternoon session I

14.00-16.00 Plenary presentations (6 x)

Benedikt Fuchs: New officials from the court of Sahure

Helen Neale: Level of the Nile flood of Year X: The Nile flood records of the late Middle Kingdom as an ideological tradition

Francesco de Gaetano: Commanders and soldiers of the Oryx nome: An example of military personnel and army manpower for early Middle Kingdom Egypt

Kimberly Watt: The locus of behind the scenes: Administrative spaces

Eva Maria Hemauer: Transforming elites and dying empires: The influence of the Levantine-Egyptian upper class on the Late Bronze Age collapse

John Rogers: A ‘’diplomatic intermediary’’ of the early Saite era: Pakheref, ‘’Overseer of waterways’’, and his statues

16.00-16.40 Coffee break

Poster session:

Asmaa Ibrahim: Unpublished collection of pottery in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo

Hayley Goddard: A tale of two and a half mummies: An intrusive burial from the tomb of Karabasken (TT391)

Jayme Rudolf Reichart: A catalogue of garden scenes from 24 private Theban tombs dated to the 18th dynasty pre-Amarna

Marie-Emmanuelle Dauphin: My kingdom for a bark shrine: New inquiries of Ramesses III’s temple in Karnak

Tessa Litecky: All the king’s horses: Stable management in New Kingdom Egypt

Dagmara Haładaj: Protection of the body of the Deceased expressed by the iconographic composition of guardians holding lizards, knives and snakes

Egyptology in Leiden session

16.40-17.40 Afternoon session II

16.40-17.40 Plenary presentations (6 x )

Bente Blasgaard Jensen: The personal wealth of Dhutmose

Anne Drewsen: Spinning for the gods?

Veerle van Kersen: The Wiedemann collection of mummy wrappings at the Royal Museum of Art and History in Brussels

Carmen Muñoz Perez: Putting the right amulet on the mummy: A new approach of ancient Egyptian texts 

Marco de Pietri: Some peculiar scribal features of an unpublished Amduat papyrus at the Archaeological Museum of the University of Pavia

Hasnaa Abdellatif: Papyrus Cairo GEM 66796: Abnormal Hieratic or Early Demotic?

17.40-18.00 Closing session

Sunday 25 August

Conference excursion: TBA