Statement of the ASE regarding recent developments in the world

Dear ASE-members,

The Association for Students of Egyptology was founded with the aim to bring together as many students of Egyptology as possible, from all over the world. We aim to do this by creating a large online network as well as by organising events where students feel comfortable to meet, present and share their research in order to contribute to the field and get to know their colleagues better. To be part of a group of people who are equally passionate about something is a great privilege.

Archaeology, heritage, art history, material culture, museum studies and all the other different aspects of the field of Egyptology are all as essential to it as is being able to share your research. By denying access to a number of countries to enter any country, the government is physically restraining this research from being shared and preventing colleagues in the field to mingle. The ASE feels that this sets back scientific development, discoveries and progress immensely. Not only does it physically restrain our colleagues, it also makes for a hostile environment, as citizens of the banned countries feel offended, attacked and under appreciated. This is by no means supported by ASE. We were founded to unite all different students, and we therefore strongly condemn any actions that go against this principle.

The ASE strongly hopes that all students of Egyptology feel that they should be united and not divided. We hope that our online platform will make every student feel welcome and encourage them to keep sharing their research to improve our scientific developments.